Reality Unfolding – A conversation with Prof Basil Hiley on Bohmian Physics

Science & Wisdom LIVE presents Reality Unfolding – A conversation with Prof. Basil Hiley on Bohmian Physics. About this Event A long-term collaborator of David Bohm, Basil Hiley is a Professor Emeritus of London University and one of the foremost theoretical physicists of our times. Together with Bohm, he worked on the deep philosophical questions of quantum physics, ... Read more

The Benefits of Kum Nye in the Recovery from Trauma

Science & Wisdom LIVE presents the Benefits of Kum Nye in the Recovery from Trauma with Jason Upton. About this Event Psychotherapist Jason Upton will look at the therapeutic benefits of Kum Nye, an ancient Tibetan movement practice. During the Nepal earthquake of 2015, Jason experienced the trauma of being inside a collapsing house. In ... Read more

Interdependence and the Nature of Reality

Science & Wisdom LIVE Talk "Interdependence and the Nature of Reality: a Dialogue across Science and Contemplative Traditions." About this Talk Contemplative traditions suggest that the world as we perceive it is the manifestation of a deeper, unseen process, that can be investigated through meditation and personal inquiry. To what extent can this fundamental level ... Read more