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Basic Programme 2020

From: £0.00 / year

You can choose your donation tier here. Details on the different tiers can be found below. We ask that you take time to reflect on which tier is most appropriate for your individual circumstances.

In these uncertain times, many students will need additional financial support. So if you can, we encourage you to consider selecting the Sponsor tier to assist a fellow student. Thank you.



Choosing your donation tier

  • Sponsor: This level covers the costs of the programme plus sponsors one student at a reduced rate.
  • Standard: Covers the cost of the programme.
  • Reduced: For those who are unemployed, on low income, working part-time, under 25, disabled, students or retired. We understand that falling under one of these categories does not necessarily imply reduced income and therefore ask that each applicant select the reduced tier on an as-needed basis only.
  • Ordained Sangha: Monks and nuns are sponsored to participate in the teachings free of charge.

No one will be turned away because of lack of funds. If the existing tier options are not accessible for you, please email [email protected] to request additional financial support. Everyone is welcome, regardless of what you can pay. We want to help find a pricing plan that is workable for your situation.